Preventive Rescue Centre
Preventive Rescue Centre (Above 18 years of age)

Girls above 18 years of age are shifted in this centre. A suitable groom is selected from the society and they are rehabilitated through marriage. This centre is taken care of by the Preventive Rescue Department. These girls live a respectable life after they complete their studies till they find a suitable boy for marriage. All these women sincerely contribute in all the activities of the ashram.

If a woman of 18 years or above is newly admitted in the institution as a result of some social issue, it is assured that she is given a safe and secure atmosphere till the issues are resolved. If a woman does not find a right match for marriage or cannot get married for some reasons, she is free to stay in the institution life-long. The girls of the institution are free to turn for help towards the institution if they face any problems in their married life. The institution ensures every possible help to resolve the matter. In case the cases are not resolved and the girl expresses her wish to return to the institution, she is free to come back to the institution.