125 Years of Devout Service.

The social reformers played a decisive and path-breaking role in changing the educational, social and cultural scenario in Gujarat in the 19th century and thereby laid the foundation stone for a better tomorrow. One of these social reformers was Mahipatram Rupram Nilkanth (1829-1891) who can be called the torch-bearer for the social reformers of the 19th century. Mahipatram had put his heart and soul and had worked till his last breath to establish and effectively run the social reform organizations in Ahmedabad. His efforts were none less than a soldier who happily embraces ‘martyrdom’ in the battlefield for the welfare of his country. Mahipatram was one such intellectual who practised what he preached. Generally the tradition is that the students offer gurudakshinato a guru in his lifetime; but the students of Mahiptaram- LalshankarUmiyashankar, HargovinddasKantawala, Khushaldas Gokaldas, Gokaldas Kahandas and VitthaldasDhanjibhai decided to offer their gratitude and realize their guru’s dream by establishing an orphanage after his death. The result of the efforts of these dedicated students of Mahipatram was the establishment of ‘MahipatramRupram Ashram’ on 17th December 1892. The ashram was established in a small area voluntarily offered by LallubhaiKarsandas in his dharamshala located in the Panchkuva area of Ahmedabad.

The ashram authorities had to face several challenges as they were not the owners of that building and thus LalshankarUmiyashankar began making efforts towards attaining land for the ashram. Due to his sincere efforts, the government offered land of 933 square yards and even the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation gave one acre land for the ashram. By the efforts of RaiBahadur Lalshankar and the generous donation by the affluent people like LallubhaiRaichand the foundation stone of the ashram was laid by then district judge Shri Maccorrcle on March 12, 1897. The ashram activities began in this premise on August 18, 1899 after the completion of the construction of this building.

Thus, Mahipatram Rupram Ashram has served the role of a Social Architect by giving social recognition to the abandoned and suffering children and women without any sort of bias of caste, creed, religion or race. This ashram has been performing the role of a social guardian for more than a century by not only sheltering but rehabilitating and also making self-reliant to the abandoned and the needy children and women. Several dedicated, sincere and committed people from society have contributed in the growth of this ashram.

In the last decade of the 19th century, when there was social unrest in Gujarat, this institution for social upliftment contributed towards making a healthy society by sheltering the destitute. Since past 125 years, the institution has made maximum possible efforts to rehabilitate a large number of people back in the mainstream of the society. It has performed its duties to heal the pain and suffering of the abandoned and the needy. It has sincerely performed the role of a true companion to each one who took shelter under its roof. It has helped thousands of helpless children to get rehabilitated in society and lead a respectable life. The negativity, generated in society as a result of a person’s or a family’s mistake, is transformed into positivity by the institution’s efforts. The sincere contribution of each and every trust member has helped to maintain and adhere to the basic objective of the institution and has served as a Social Engine till date.

Overview of the Institution

Stalwarts of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s visit to the institution is the milestone of its glorious history. This institution, acclaimed as a socially committed institution and the dedicated services of its team, has been felicitatedwith the State Level Award by the Social Welfare Department in the year 1986 for its extraordinary services in the field of “Child Welfare”. A cash prize of 1,00,000/- was also awarded for the best efforts put in the field of “Women Welfare”.

This grand old institution has its branches and sub-branches. The need of the society changes and increases with time; and the trustees of the institution always had a progressive and dynamic approach towards the much needed changes. The basic objectives of the institution have always echoed in all its administrative activities from the day of its establishment till date.



To provide shelter to the orphans who do not have their parents or close relatives till they attain majority.

Children who have been forsaken by their parents or born secretly shall be provided shelter till they attain the age of majority.

To provide shelter to the women who have been the victim of circumstances or who come for secret delivery.

Women who are widows, married or unmarried or destitute shall be provided shelter and imparting training so as to make them self supporting and maintain their livelihood.

To provide shelter to the destitute women who have been victims of family disputes or some adverse social situation till they make proper arrangements for themselves.

To provide shelter to the widows and destitute till they become self supporting and work with dignity.

To start educational, vocational and professional training schools, centres as well as colleges and also market centres for the welfare and development for those who stay in the institute and also to others, directly or indirectly.

To open and maintain public dispensaries and libraries according to the financial position of the institute.

No discrimination regarding community, religion or race in respect of providing assistance according to the rules of the institute.


We visualize our institution as an ideal place that is devoutly committed to the nation’s two most significant causes, one is saving, sheltering, nurturing, educating and rehabilitating the orphan, destitute and abandoned women and children and another is providing affordable education to the girls coming from economically and socially challenged section of society and that too absolutely without any biases towards caste, creed, religion or geographical location.


To save, shelter, nurture and provide a conducive environment to the abandoned, orphan and destitute children and women for their overall growth.

To provide educational facilities from Kindergarten to Post-Graduation to the ashram children as well as to the girls from economically and socially challenged section of society of the nearby areas.

To address all possible requirements to ensure the mental, physical, social and cultural health of the ashram children and even of the girls coming to the educational institutions from the economically and socially challenged section of society.

To ensure training all the girls in the campus and those coming to the campus towards economic self – reliance by providing a wide range of vocational and skill development courses.

To rehabilitate the orphans, abandoned and destitute children either through adoption or through marriage.

To ensure a bias-free and all inclusive environment in the entire campus and thereby groom the girls of our campus to become committed and responsible civilians.



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