Every child has the right to parental love and care. Keeping this in mind, the institution makes sincere efforts to give the children in adoption. The unfortunate couples who are deprived of the blessing of having a child in their lives come to the institution with a hope and aspiration to adopt one. This process is not that simple as it seems to be.

The children abandoned by the parents due to several reasons or even those who take birth in the ashram and unfortunately lose their parents should not be subjected to loneliness for all their lives. Thus the institution has chosen to give them in adoption. The Adoption procedure has its own set rules. Children from this institution have been given in adoption not only in India but also in foreign countries like Sweden, America, Canada, New Zealand Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Belgium, etc.

These children have happily merged in the society with the love and warmth they receive from their adoptive parents. Looking to a bright, happy and secure future of the children, the institution has given a large number of children in adoption in all these years. The institution has experienced that such children have fully bloomed in the family atmosphere and have even secured high positions after proper education. They even ensure to visit the institution off and on.

The entire adoption procedure is done through the CARA and online forms for adoption are filled on All the Prospective Adoptive Parents have to register on this website. The Child Care Institute puts up a list of children available for adoption. The matching of the parents and the children is done by CARA through online matching system as per the waiting list. The children are given in adoption as per the order in the waiting list on the CARA website.

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